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Fairway Greens, 102 - Sold October 2010

Kenwood Manor, 232 - 242 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan:  A multi-family rental property consisting of  96 suites in three wood-frame 3-1/2 storey buildings.  Kenwood is located in the Lawson Heights neighborhood having good access to community facilities and schools. For rental inquiries please call 306-931-2001/306-261-2001.

Broadway Place, 614 - 9th Street East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan:  The Property is a condominium building located within 10 minutes walking distance to downtown Saskatoon.  The immediate area is an established neighborhood, and popular for both owner-occupied apartment condominium units and multi-family rental complexes.  The Property consists of 33 suites within a 3 storey wood-frame building. For rental inquiries please call 306-956-3273/306-229-2089.

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